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Local Attractions

Looking for something to do?  Big Brother B&B is nearby many great attractions, activities, and areas of interest.We provides a shuttle car and cheap ticket for train and bus to many of the locations listed below. Activities
Explore Treviso City
You can stroll around just by foot and see the historical places, buildings, museums and the Great Wall of Treviso anytime,any day till 9.00 pm.

St.Anthony Di Padova, City of Padova
See the Cathedral from an entirely new perspective and watch the amazing 3D movie of St. Anthony's story in the reception area for free.

Cathedral (Duomo)of Milano City
One of the great and breathtaking views you will ever experience because of it's architectural design superiority which kept preserved  for hundred of years.See the whole city free by tourist shuttle bus parked infront of Milano Cathedral.           

Historic Grand Canal " Rialto Bridge" of  Venice
This bridge built in 12th century has been preserved by the Venetian historical society. Built by an eccentric organization, you will be amazed by the unique architecture, quirky design, and breathtaking views.Experience the gondola (boat)ride with the singing boatman by your songs request.

The Annual Film Festival of Venice
Thirty days, month of September  from dawn to dusk. Located ?San Marco Plaza.Watch the famous international actors and actresses and chat with them personally while signing your notepad.And mind you,everyday has festivities in Venice not only for the month of September.It's all year round.Cheers!

The Legendary Home of Romeo and Juliet
Noted for world history because of it's romantic love story , the house center is a must see for anyone interested in art or history.Just a mile away from Big Brother B&B.See it by yourself and get ready with your camera!

Places of Interest

Jesolo Beach(Now renowned "World Beach")
Miles of beautiful white sands and picnic areas grace the majestic tents overlooking the sea.Experience the roaring waves as it crashes on the rocky landscape.  Hundreds independently owned and operated boutiques and specialty shops line the street of this charming beach town. An eclectic array or art shops, surf shops, and antique shops, are some of the treasures you will find. Just a short travel from Big Brother B&B. See the maps and direction provided free by us.

City of Treviso Shopping Center

Well, it's show time; come on let's go and paint the town red before you leave and  buy all the signature items of your choice originally made in Italy.From head to foot accessories,you can avail it at moderate prices."Not to mention the brand"(name it and you will have it.)Enjoy your shopping spree!Ciao!

Come Again to Big Brother Bed & BreakfastThanks for staying with us,when you come back we will give you more interesting place and destination which are not mentioned on the above list.Arrividerci!

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